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Maximizing the Usability of Your App with UI Configuration and Customization Services

Updated: Nov 27

At our staff are experts in modifying the Teamcenter Rich Client (RAC) and Active Workspace Client to tailor the user experience to specific use cases.

Our experts will guide and execute changes to the User Interface (UI) while ensuring all tailoring is deployable to other systems and modular (can be removed) without much to any effort if the time comes that the software implements the feature as a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) solution (also known as out of the box (OOTB)). We also offer services to ensure future maintenance on those features.

The image contains a screenshot of XML code defined for the creation of Tiles and Tile Components.​

Examples of UI Tailoring topics

Want an icon to represent a custom Release Status or object type? Need a new page to expose a set of data? Need a new Workspace to isolate commands and pages from a particular group?

At, let us help you with these use cases. Below is a list of some of the available configuration and customization topics that we can assist with.

Note. If a topic does not appear in the list it doesn't mean we can't help. The list is a sampling of all of the various topics that are available.

Common tailoring topics include:

  • Home Page Tile configuration

  • Table modification and deployments for new columns

  • Style sheet customization to streamline and provide a tailored UI for users to interact with.

  • Active Workspace client-side customizations including commands, locations, sublocations, workspaces, indicator icons, icons, and more.

  • Color and text changes.

  • Graphic changes such as modifying the background colors to reflect a dev, training, or production environment.

Don't see the topic you need? Please Contact Us and find out if we can help.

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