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Sherpa Design, Inc.

Updated: Mar 31

Our mission is exploration.

This is most visible in our approach to product engineering: as a bolt-on extension to your R&D team, we explore all viable directions, then confidently chart the path forward. Whether we’re starting from early-stage concepts or an existing product in need of evolution, we get your project on track toward its next destination.

Since our founding in 2001, we’ve applied that same mindset as we built our on-site machine shop, became the first Carbon Global Design Partner, developed customized NX CAD/CAM trainings, and built an amazing team to deliver Teamcenter solutions.

Through our work with Fortune 100 innovators and ambitious R&D teams, we’ve built up a wealth of insights we can adapt to new contexts. What we found benefits all our clients across domains: our combination of resourcefulness, agility, and collaborative expertise.