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Updated: Nov 27, 2023

At mentoring plays a key role in the learning process. One of the biggest downfalls of E-Learning is the inability to ask questions. Though there are forms such as emails, calls etc., it's hard to engage to continue growth beyond the class.

At we offer Mentoring services to aid in three ways.

Reinforce training courses by providing office hours to ask questions about training.

Serve as a support line for questions and services.

Perform over the shoulder services to aid in training and performing in real environments.

Mentoring is a service where you get a certain allotment of hours a month to ask questions and get feedback on core topics related to Teamcenter and Active Workspace. Installation, Customization, Administration, Business Modeler IDE (BMIDE), Microservices, and much more.

The process

  1. The process begins by contacting us to let us know what your goal is with regards to mentoring.

  2. We will provide suggestions or setup a meeting to get on the same page as to your goal(s) and timeline(s). We may loop through this step a few times until we get to your desired goal.

  3. Once we have an arrangement that suites the needs, we can begin to execute and schedule.

Note. all mentoring hours are first come, first serve with respect to scheduling.

Quick fact regarding Mentoring

  • All purchases must be of 5 hours or more per month.

  • Purchase 6 months of 5 hours a month or more up front and receive a 10% discount on mentoring.

  • Up to 10 individuals for mentoring sessions per session.

Let's Get in Touch

Have questions? There are several methods to ask questions, get answers, explore invoicing options, and more! Use the form below to send our team a message, use the chat bubble to chat with us LIVE (no bots), or email us at We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Thank you for getting in touch! Our team will respond as soon as we can.

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