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Spotlight on Success: How Our Solution Partners Drive Innovation at Manufacturing Consulting Concepts, LLC

Updated: May 20

Manufacturing Consulting Concepts, LLC (MCC) is a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) implementation company that started in 2013 and has been supporting the Air Force A-10 PLM Implementation project since 2016, and a proud Solution Partner of

MCC focuses on the Siemens Teamcenter PLM software as the tool of choice when engaging customers and addressing customer requirements. MCC customers include Honda Aircraft Company (HondaJet), GE Transportation, InterLatin, Cryotec, Moog Industrial Group, and Siemens PLM.

Teamcenter Solution Partners

While supporting the AF A-10 PLM project MCC was instrumental in the development, deployment, and maintenance of the 107 and 202 processes. These processes have been demonstrated, shared, and distributed to other Air Force PLM projects like the ICBM project, the ETAR team, PLM CSO office, and more.

MCC worked on the team that is switching the AF A-10 project from the Teamcenter Rich Client to the Active Workspace Client (AWC). MCC PLM resources on the AF PLM projects have extensive experience as Solution Architects and Business Process Analysts utilizing the DevSecOps process of developing and deploying the Teamcenter suite of modules. On average the MCC team members have 15 years of experience and application of employing the tool to meet the customers’ requirements and solving customer's issues.

Matthew Schmitz | Owner & Principal Consultant | LinkedIn


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