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Teamcenter Documentation Links and Syntax

Updated: May 24

The links in our course content navigate to the Siemens Solution Center website to provide a guide to the vast library of documentation that Siemens has to offer. This content is owned and maintained by Siemens.

Important. The links and resources provide an additional source of information, however they are not owned by AWToolbox. The video media in the course is the primary learning material and is the purchased media.

The links require a Siemens Account. A Siemens Account is created on the Siemens Solution Center webpage and must be linked to a sold to, or site id and contain at least 1 license for Teamcenter to have access to the documentation (online or downloadable).

Caution. It is recommended to speak with your team/management prior to creating a Siemens Account as there may already be a process in place for accessing the site.
Tip. licensing and policies change if you do not have access to the online help, contact your sales representative or the Siemens Solution Center to get support.

Link information support policy does not provide support for potential issues or errors documented in any of the provided links or resources. instead highly recommends the links provided for the best in available documentation and most up to date steps by step instructions.

Alternative options for no access to the Siemens Solution Center to view Teamcenter Documentation

Not all individuals have access to the site mentioned above, therefore included is the navigation trail for locally installed help documentation.

Teamcenter > Documentation > Active Workspace 5.1 > Active Workspace Fundamentals

The navigation trail serves as an alternative to the links provided. To use the navigation trail, launch a local installation of the online help and use the navigation trail as a guide to locate the information needed.

Document Example

An example of a document in the documentation is Active Workspace Fundamentals.

 The image (above) a look at the navigation on the Siemens Teamcenter Documentation
The image (above) a look at the navigation on the Siemens online help.
  • The breadcrumbs (top of screenshot) indicate that the Active Workspace Fundamentals Document is open.

  • The selected Table of Contents (TOC) element is shown, Replace an attached file.

  • The Siemens provided online help is broken up into sections, or documents, that may be viewed online (local or Siemens site) or in a local installation of the documentation. PDF are available in either version.

  • Siemens provides a View Document PDF link on each document in the help to allow for easy PDF download instead of navigating the browser version. The individual PDF's / browser locations are the documents or breadcrumb trail paths.

Navigation guides are formatted to resemble the provided documentation breadcrumb trail at the top of the documentation. The following screenshot is how the breadcrumb is displayed when viewing the documentation directly from the Siemens Solution Center website.

Teamcenter Training Documentation

In the below resources, this breadcrumb trail is replicated to provide a guide for easy navigation. The link represents the link to the document.

Teamcenter > Documentation > Active Workspace 5.1 > Active Workspace Fundamentals

If the link were to the topic Replace an attached file in the screenshot earlier in this article, the navigation trail would be.

Teamcenter > Documentation > Active Workspace 5.1 > Active Workspace Fundamentals > Working with Data > Working with Attachments > replace an attached file 


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