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Learn Active Workspace

Updated: Feb 27

Active Workspace is a new architecture and user interface (UI) that is a part of the Teamcenter software. Active Workspace provides a user friendly and low maintenance method of interacting with a customer's data.

  • User friendly because of the simple and repeatable user interface, simple navigation, and streamlined access to pages and commands.

  • Low maintenance due to the lack of client deployments and low overhead for patching and upgrading the interface.

Teamcenter's Active Workspace Client is full of functionality to aid in performing everyday tasks, interacting and locating data, working with workflows and much more.

In the image (above) the Active Workspace UI is shown for version (5.2).

Active Workspace requires (in most configurations) no client installation, just get a good browser and begin working in the software once enabled in your environment. Compatible browsers include:

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Safari

Tip. For more information pertaining to browser support, please see the Hardware and Software Certifications section of the Siemens Solution Center.

Utilize the best in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to aid in suggesting common actions performed by you or your team, reduce training requirements, and limit the number of clicks to those only needed to perform the task at hand using Workspaces.

The image (above) displays the Check Out/In Info panel in the Active Workspace Client. Checking in and out data aids users in locking data for modification.

Can Active Workspace Integrate with other software?

Active Workspace can be accessed anywhere with permissions to your network on any device. Save time by integrating with Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software, such as NX. Microsoft Office integration and Adobe integration are more examples of software the Active Workspace client is able to integrate with.

Explore more information by accessing the Integrations Matrix located in the Hardware and Software Certifications section of the Siemens Solution Center. Be sure to select the version required prior to downloading any files.

The image (above) shows the embedded Add-in for Microsoft Office integration with Teamcenter. This integration allows for the login and interaction with Teamcenter data in the Microsoft Office software without the need to launch Teamcenter (or Active Workspace).

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