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How to explore a course prior to purchase

Updated: Feb 28

To explore a course in full detail on the website (prior to purchase), follow the process (below).

Navigate to in a web browser.

On the home page, click Blog, or select from the courses on the page.

On the Blog page, select All Courses in the blog menu.

Next, select the course to explore.

The course overview will display and provide options to View the Course, View Available Plans, View Discount Bundles.

Tip. The difference between the Blog post (in this example) and the "Go to Course" link is the depth of content and the ability to attend the course. The Blog post allows us to fully detail the course out, while the Course link provides a concise description of the course and an option to "Attend" the course.

Explore each section of the post to view the following information relating to the selected course.

Tip. Be sure to expand the individual topics to explore deep dive information pertaining to what is in the course.


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