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Explore Courses and the Course Library

Updated: Feb 28

To explore a course on the AWToolbox website, follow the process (below).

Process: Access the Course Library

  1. Navigate to in a web browser.

  2. On the AWToolbox home page, click Course Library (or click this link).

  3. On the Course Library page, navigate courses using categories (Using Essentials, Administration Essentials, etc...).

  4. Click Learn more on a course to open a full course description.

Example. In the example below, the Everything Essentials category is selected. All courses are listed beneath the selection in the order they are to be attended. Click Learn More to explore a course, what's in the course, and more.

Course Library User Interface Overview

Each course presents some helpful information, though to view more in-depth information click the Learn more button on the course. Each course "cell" in the Course Library contains several properties to provide a quick overview of the course. The overview is dynamic and changes depending on if you have access to the course or not.

Properties with no membership

If you are just browsing and do not have a membership or are looking at a course not included in your membership the properties listed in the Course Library will be shown as follows.

The numbers next to the items below relate to the image (screenshot) above.

  1. Enrollment status in the course [ Enrolled | Completed ].

  2. Title of the course.

  3. Number of memberships that include the course in question.

  4. The 'Start | Continue' / 'Learn More' button provides quick access to the course overview or to begin taking the course.

Tip. If the course is listed as Free, feel free to attend the course free of charge. This is a great way to get a feel for the way the courses interact, the content typically in the course, and best of all free content! You'll need to create a free account first.

Course Overview User Interface Overview

The Course Overview that is available by clicking either the Learn more or Start | Continue buttons provides in-depth details about a course. This information can be helpful when deciding if the course contains the content you need, duration, etc.

View the Course Overview by clicking Learn more

If you did not have access to the course and selected the Learn more button, the Course Overview page will display.


Notice the Get a certificate by completing the program statement at the top of the Course Overview screenshot (below). For each course you successfully complete, you will receive a Certificate of Completion indicating your success.

Course overview contents

The Course Overview is broken up into several sections.

  • Header. Provides the title and information about certificates.

  • Course Overview. A detailed overview of the course. This area also defines the version compatibility and prerequisite information recommended.

  • Course Content. Details on the sections and topics in the course.

  • Instructor: Provides information for who the instructor is that recorded the course and a link to their profile.

  • Membership Information: Provides information on how many memberships are available for the selected course. If the course is included in your plan it will say "Included with your plan".

  • Join: This button will take you to a Memberships page to select from available memberships. If you have not joined the site yet, it will also prompt you to join up.

View the Course Overview by clicking Start | Continue

If you did have access to the course and selected the Start | Continue button, the Course Overview page will display as well as the full course interface.

Select the Overview node from the tree on the left. The Course Overview page will display on the right.


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