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How purchase a course through the website

Updated: Feb 28

Once you have explored the courses (How to explore a course prior to purchase) and decided on a Membership to purchase it is time to purchase the course.

Process to purchase a course

To purchase a course directly through the AWToolbox website, follow the process below.

Tip. Make sure to expand each step for more information and screenshots!

1.) Navigate to in a web browser.

2.) Ensure you are logged into the site (How to log in to the site).

3.) On the home page, click Courses.

4.) On the Explore Courses page, click Explore on the course to be purchased.

5.) On the Course overview page, review the information regarding topics in the course.

6.) Next, at the bottom of the Course overview page select one of the provided payment options.

7.) Click Attend.

8.) On the Payment Page, provide the information requested.

9.) After filling in the payment and user information, click Buy Now.

10.) A Thanks for Joining page will display, click Get Started to begin the course.

11.) The course will open.


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