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Step-by-Step: Sign Up Process for Account Creation

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

At we provide free access to some courses and require a membership to view certain blog posts, courses and the free content. As you begin to explore, create a new account by following the process indicated below.

Process to create a new account manually

Access the website in a web browser.

Click the Sign in / Sign up link located top right of the site.

On the Log In page, click Sign Up.

On the Sign Up page, enter your company email (or personal email if not affiliated with a company) and create a password.

Tip. Optionally use a Google account or Facebook account to login. Only sign up this way if you are using the sight for personal learning. If registering for a company, use the email option and supply the company email address assigned to you.

Click the I'm not a robot check box and complete the verification steps if prompted.

Click Sign Up.

Verify the account creation is successful by selecting the profile link.

Note. You will receive an automated welcome email when the account is created.

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Helpful links and information for Teamcenter

Build a repository of links to useful online help and communities related to Teamcenter and Active Workspace.

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Siemens provided resources for Teamcenter

The links in this section are directed at the Siemens Support Center website online documentation, downloads, and more. To access the links below, you must login to the Siemens Support Center prior to clicking the link.

Siemens' Support Center

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Siemens' Support Center: Teamcenter Documentation

Siemens' Support Center: Additional Video Content |  All Rights Reserved

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