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Are there quizzes or knowledge checks for the courses?

Updated: Feb 27

At the moment, does not provide a quiz, knowledge check, or test for our courses. We have been working hard to get a format and style created for the quiz that will allow for grading, reporting, validation and the option to run the quiz optionally with the course.

Edit. The Using Active Workspace Basics course now has embedded quizzes available and required during the course. These quizzes provide instant feedback and test the user's knowledge on the topic providing feedback and information for incorrect responses.

During the first 2 years at, knowledge checks were provided through as a trial to review the format that users were able to "try out" as they took the course.

We want to focus on content to get the most out to the community as quickly as possible. Once we are happy with our base set of content, we will revisit certifications and quizzes at that time.

If you are interested in a quiz or test, please contact us so we can estimate the need/demand and prioritize this as we build our library.


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