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Configure Wildfly as a Web Application Server

Updated: Feb 27

Teamcenter and Active Workspace require a Web Application Server for communication from the client to the Server Manager. Wildfly is one option of many (Tomcat, Weblogic, JBoss, etc.) that can be used to perform this function.

In the example below, we demonstrate how to configure Wildfly (JBoss) to connect to the Teamcenter and Active Workspace environment to enable communication pass through.

The configuration of the tc.war is a prerequisite for this process. This process provides an interaction with the Web Application Manager (WAM) to build the tc.war file. In addition, if not done already, if you are running Active Workspace 4.3+ you will need to ensure the Microservices are integrated into the Web Application Server.

For information regarding compatible versions of Wildfly and other supported Web Application Servers, see the Teamcenter Certifications and Information section of the Hardware and Software Certifications page on the Siemens Solution Center.

The image (above) shows the various versions of the available Teamcenter Certifications documents on the Siemens Support Center webpage.

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Learn how to install and configure Wildfly to support a Development or Training Teamcenter and Active Workspace Environment.

Version compatibility

The process is validated in Teamcenter 11 through the latest release (14.*). The process is also validated in Active Workspace 3.4 through the latest release of (6.*). Versions of Wildfly vary depending on the supported version of Teamcenter.

Process to configure Wildfly

Download and extract the supported (compatible) version of Wildfly

Tip. Be sure to reference the Hardware and Software Certifications for the version you are installing to ensure you use the correct and supported version of Wildfly.
Tip. Ensure the directory where Wildfly executes is the directory you intend to run it from prior to proceeding to the configuration.
Example. we placed the wildfly-26.1.1.Final (supported version for Teamcenter 14) in our C:\Apps directory.

Modify the standalone.xml configuration file in the Wildfly installation.

Add the JMX dependency to Wildfly

Install Wildfly as a service