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How to Streamline the Automatic Account Creation Process for Account Creation

Updated: May 19

At we provide the ability to Create Account to Learn Teamcenter for you, your users, or your entire team at 1 time. The process defined below details the steps needed to take after your account has been created for you.

Procedure for accessing an account that has been set up for you

Locate the Create Your New Password email sent from AWToolbox. Create New Password Link Create New Password Message
Tip. The email address will be a random no-reply..... email address.

In the email, click the Create New Password link.

On the Reset password page, provide a new password and confirm the password. Enter a New Password and Confirm

Click Reset Password.

Verify the Your password has been changed message displays. Your Password Has Been Changed

Click OK.

Access the website in a web browser, or use the Log In page to login.

Click the Log In link located top right of the site. Login Button

On the Log In page, click Log In with Email. Login Page

On the Log In page, supply your Email and Password. Login
Tip. Optionally use a Google account or Facebook account to login. Only sign up this way if you are using the sight for personal learning. If registering for a company, use the email option and supply the company email address assigned to you.

Click Log In.

Verify the Create Account to Learn Teamcenter process is successful by selecting the profile link. Profile Menu
Note. You will receive an automated welcome email when the account is created.


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