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Baseline your team's knowledge base

Updated: Feb 27

Bring your entire team up to a solid, cohesive state. Whether it be your users who will need to be on an equal footing going into production or the support team behind the scenes.

We want to help make the implementation of Teamcenter or Active Workspace run well by:

  • Providing a source of learning.

  • Mitigating impact on performance.

  • Providing key insight and mentoring.

  • Validating the knowledge base.

Our Demonstrations

At our demonstrations are 100% remote, on-demand, and comprehensive.

  • 100% remote so that you do not need to travel and interrupt work to learn.

  • On-demand means that the participation in the course can be staggered to provide as little interruption to the workday as possible. Plans are 1 year in duration per member, therefore there is plenty of time to practice and review.

  • As comprehensive as possible in a mixed lecture and demonstration style video.

Imagine sitting in a classroom, only recorded. The instructor dives into the software practically by providing context to the scenario, identifying alternate options, and executing the use case(s), and validating the results.

Guided Mentoring

We understand that a course is just a course, so we've added 2 additional services to supplement the training.

  • As an additional service, provide mentoring at the conclusion, during, or before training occurs to help resolve issues, teach how to execute a specific use case, or review a course in a recap and overview.

  • As an additional service, provide ongoing support as a support center for help on issues or a recap before your next implementation.

Training "Sandbox" Environments

Don't have an environment for your users to test and run through the steps in? AWToolbox can provide services to support the installation and setup of local sandbox environments to supplement the teams.

We will provide you with a read-me.pdf for the selected course to aid in the development of a training environment.

We also provide installation services for Training Sandboxes. It could be to perform the installation, or to answer questions while you perform the installation.

One of our future goals to aid in this additional service is to build an automated option for you to have access to machines we own and operate that you may login to and rent time with. Until that time we offer help and assistance if this step is required.


We specialize in this form of training. Baselining, as we define it, is the act of putting employees through standardized practical training dedicated to providing standard practices and assuring all members involved can participate equally to make the decisions needed, with all the information.

We realize it's a mouthful, but baselining is a perfect way to enable your team and can be performed prior to implementing the software, during implementation, or post implementation.


There are a few things to consider with regards to the team at this point. These are just a few to get you started and if you have questions we can help.

What are the advantages of performing baseline training?

As you consider baselining in Teamcenter and Active Workspace, take a moment to read over the following scenario. A PLM implementer is asked to achieve a task to locate all objects in Active Workspace that have a relationship and display it to the user. The PLM implementation expert has not been through formal training but has experience in the field and falls back on the tools that were used in the past successfully, like coding with Integrated Toolkit (ITK) or writing a new Location in the Active Workspace client. These methods will work but need to be maintained during patches and upgrades and are not supported by Siemens. Instead, if the PLM implementation expert had the standardized training, then the PLM implementation expert would have known about the Query Builder hints feature which will allow you templates to follow to traverse relations, or the constants in the Business Modeler IDE (BMIDE) tool to aid in exposing hanging data in searches in Active Workspace. We know that some may not use the software again after training, but the understanding of scope and cost to accomplish requests may make resolutions come quicker in the decision room.

How many individual(s) need training?

How many administrators need training?

What is the training deadline?

How much time will the individual(s) need for training?

What tasks may be deprioritized while individual(s) complete the training?

What about those who already have experience?

Even if the user or administrator already has a ton of experience, they can still participate in training and work more as a champion to support the others with questions as they complete the course. This will provide a method of sharpening the experienced user's skills but also generate natural leadership in the team.