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Introduction to Teamcenter Integrated Toolkit (ITK) Programming

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Course Overview

This course is designed to provide an introduction to Integrated Toolkit (ITK) development for Teamcenter. The content in this course covers topics including Getting started with ITK programming in Teamcenter, Locating and reviewing help resources related to Teamcenter customization, downloading and installing prerequisite software and Teamcenter features, compiling and linking with Siemens provided scripts, and deploying ITK command line utilities to Teamcenter to be executed in the Teamcenter Command Prompt. In the course, attendees will receive a code example and demonstration for creating a simple ITK Teamcenter Command Line Utility. During the demonstration the instructor demonstrates several methods of navigating the ITK reference material provided by Siemens. The utility's main goal is to teach the essentials to run a program in C utilizing Teamcenter ITK, the function of the program is to login to Teamcenter, provide minor error handling for errors, print a success or fail message as output to provide validation, and a proper exit of an ITK program. Note that the code is not optimized to be utilized in a production environment. This course is recorded at version Teamcenter 2312, though most of the course (minus the code, compiler version, and Deployment Center availability) is compatible with all versions back to Teamcenter 10. API changes have occurred so the code may need modified prior to a successful build in another version. Recommended Prerequisite Course(s) It is recommended that students have a rudimentary understanding of Teamcenter administration and architecture, and Windows administration experience prior to attending. Check out Using Basics, and some Installation Essentials courses prior to attending. The course is designed for all users who will build custom command line utilities for Teamcenter, or intend on advancing to building Workflow Handlers or other extensions through the Business Modeler (IDK).

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