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Using Rich Client Essentials for Administrators

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Course Overview

The Using Rich Client Basics for Administrators course provides deep dive tutorials, lecture material, and a repository of useful links to help to learn how to use the Teamcenter Rich Client in preparation for performing administrative testing and functions. This course is build on Active Workspace 6 and Teamcenter 14. This course is focused solely on the basic information related to using the Rich Client interface and interacting with data. The topics in this course may be referenced for version(s) Teamcenter 9 to the newest version available. The Teamcenter Rich Client is an installed client on a computer which provides a robust user interface to perform both using and administrative tasks. There are only a handful of capabilities left that the Rich Client can solely perform. This course is dedicated to instructing how to use the Rich Client to perform the remaining activities which require to be performed in the Rich Client. For detailed information regarding course content, duration, audience and more, see our Blog and filter for All Courses and select the course.

Course Content


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