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Running Data Model Reports in the BMIDE

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Course Overview

This course is designed to provide deep dive training on executing Business Modeler IDE (BMIDE) Reports to report on data model elements. The content in this course covers topics relating to creating Business Modeler IDE Reports including comparison reports, data model reports for individual element types, data model documentation reports, and alternate report types. This course is recorded at version Teamcenter 13.* and Active Workspace 5.* versions. Most topics are compatible with Active Workspace versions 4.3+, 5+ and 6+. It is recommended that students have a rudimentary understanding of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) prior to taking the course. The course is designed for all users that will modify the Teamcenter and Active Workspace database through data model changes. This includes Data Model Administrators, Developers, Administrators, and system administrations to reference deployment strategies.

Course Content


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