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Using Active Workspace Essentials

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Course Overview

This course is our introductory program to the Active Workspace client software designed for Advanced Users, Administrators, Product Configurators and developers. This program contains longer, deeper dive content which challenges the User | Admin | Configurator | Developer to extend their knowledge into the depths of what Active Workspace offers. Content in this course covers topics including Active Workspace user interface components, navigation, interacting with tables, searching with all search mechanisms, creating and modifying data, exploring relationships, working with files both natively and through the office integration, workflows and more! Active Workspace version support: [ 4.* | 5.* | 6.* ] Recommended Prerequisite Program(s): N/A In addition, users are recommended to: 1. Have a rudimentary understanding of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) 2. Have a basic understanding of Windows Operating System Who is this program designed for? 1. User(s): Responsible for performing basic tasks to create, edit, maintain, sign off on data 2. Administrators, Configurators and Developers: Provides a deep dive into the capabilities to ensure adequate testing and feature overviews.

Course Content


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