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What's New in Teamcenter 2312?

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Course Overview

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the core "What's New" topics in the What's New in Teamcenter 2312 document in the Teamcenter online and local help resources. The content in this course covers topics including introductory topics on What's new in Active Workspace Fundamentals, Searching and Indexing, Installation and Deployment and System Administration. The course includes links to the What's new topic on the Siemens Support center website and resources to indicate how to find the same content in the locally downloaded Teamcenter documentation. Refer to the referenced document to explore all What's New topics for Teamcenter 2312. This course is recorded at version Teamcenter 2312. Recommended Prerequisite Course(s) N/A. It is recommended that students have a rudimentary understanding of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) prior to taking the course. It is recommended that students have a background in using the Teamcenter's Active Workspace Client. It is recommended that attendees have Windows using and administration experience prior to taking this course. The course is designed for all individuals that want to get a leg up on new features available in the Teamcenter 2312 release of Teamcenter.

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