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Workflow Designer Essentials

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Course Overview

The Workflow Designer Essentials course provides deep dive tutorials, lecture material, and a repository of useful links to help to learn how to use and administer workflow process templates using the Workflow Designer location in Active Workspace. The Workflow Designer location is provided by the Workflow feature(s) during installation and may be accessed through the Active Admin workspace via a Tile. This course is build on Active Workspace 6+ and Teamcenter 14. This course is focused solely on administering workflows using the Active Workspace Workflow Designer. The course covers the basic concepts around workflows as well as a dive into the interface and technical aspects of the tool in more than 10+ hours of deep dive technical content. The Active Workspace Workflow Designer feature provides a major leap in usability from the legacy Rich Client Workflow Designer application. For detailed information regarding course content, duration, audience and more, see our Blog and filter for All Courses and select the course.

Course Content


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