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Explore the UI Command and Panel Builders

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Course Overview

This course provides topics related to building and modifying commands and panels using the UI Command Builder and Panel Builder features in the Active Architect Workspace. The key focus of this course is to utilize knowledge from earlier courses to learn how to extend with the "new" built in features and deploy those features to be built using the command line. This course also has a project section which continues on projects up to this stage in the membership. If you have not completed the project in previous courses, be sure to perform them prior to trying this project. This course is recorded at version Teamcenter 13.* and Active Workspace 5.* versions. Most topics are compatible with Active Workspace versions 4.3+, 5+ and 6+. It is recommended that students have a rudimentary understanding of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) prior to taking the course. It is recommended to have knowledge of the following topics prior to taking this course: 1. Using Essentials Courses 2. BMIDE Essentials Courses 3. Admin Essentials Courses 4. Developer Essentials Courses (up to this course) The course is designed for all that will modify the Active Workspace Client (AWC) user interface through the use of customization. This includes advanced administrators, but primarily developers. Note that there are some tasks, such as icon configuration that require a level of extensibility knowledge to perform.

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